CCA - Chromated Copper Arsenate.  This refers to the treatment on timber poles looks green/brown in colour.

Creosote - This refers to the black tar-like substance with which timber poles are treated.

Galvanising - This refers to the zinc coating which protects wire and metal products from rust.  This layer is measured in microns. 

All galvanised products will rust if given enough time to oxidize.  Environmental factors also affect the lifespan of galvanised products.  In coastal areas, metal and galvanised products rust very quickly due to close proximity to the ocean.  Plants growing on fences also reduce the lifespan of wire. 

Fully Galvanised wire is not more resistant to fire than lightly galvanised.  Once wire has been exposed to fire, it becomes brittle and rusts very quickly.

HDG - Hot dipped galvanised

Intermediate Post - The posts that are not corner or gate posts, but are the posts in between them.

SABS - South African Bureau of Standards 

Y - Standard - Y- Standards are metal intermediate posts.